We are the nagtrust.org, a green living news site which offers tips about green living and remodeling your home, in a green and sustainable way.

A lot of our website is dedicated to home crafting and renovation. We try and find ways of saving our readers both money and energy.

Our reviews compare white goods and other appliances for their energy efficiency and we also have a section on sustainably sourced wood, for other items of furniture.

Where possible, we recommend recycling and re-upholstering items of furniture, to keep their lifespan fresh for as long as possible.

We try our best to offer tips to counter the disposable culture of furniture buying, which is to be dumped only a couple of years later.

Our tips point readers towards quality items of furniture, which were built to last, as opposed to newer, lighter weight pieces, designed to be scrapped in a short time.

The approach we take is to always to try and see the long term goal.

Therefore, we favor high quality materials and will endlessly revamp them, to fit in with the fashions and designs of the time, in a sustainable way.

Our writers include respected interior designers and furniture makers, who blog and write about their own individual projects and give hints to readers, about how to complete their own projects.

We know that not everyone is gifted when it comes to crafting and renovating furniture, so we have turned some of our tips into very simple videos, showing step by step, how to achieve certain techniques.

To help our viewers further, we grade each job in terms of level of difficulty – from easy to expert level. This way, we can encourage beginners to start at a level that will not be too daunting, but also still provide a challenge for the more experienced renovator.


We hope that you find our remodeling tips useful!