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New Ideas For Kitchen Lightning


How much time do you spend in the kitchen? If you add it all up we bet it’s longer than you think. And that is why lighting for your kitchen matters more than you might have thought it did. After all, this is the room in the house where the family assembles and often, so does the party. So why have you still got an ugly looking fluorescent light in there from 1972?


Maybe it is time to embrace the new and think about something different, like inbouw led spotje which are the modern take on LED spotlights and intended to be used in conjunction with others. Fortunately kitchen specific LEDs do exist. These are the assured inbouw led spots keuken. Designed to be used where there is steam and smoke in a kitchen area.

These are also designed to be built into the recesses as well as the ceiling. The idea is with a few of these focused down in specific areas, such as over the worktops, these inbouwspots LED will give you enough light to see by, doing such onerous jobs as chopping the veg – without flooding the entire room with light.


When they are not needed for their specific tasks, they can be switched off or maybe, in a modern house, dimmed. LED inbouwspots dimbaar are making a popular choice in the kitchen, because they can be dimmed to the exact level that you require. We know that nowadays, your kitchen is also your social hub and that means lighting it as such. You are not going to want the harsh lighting of the past, which means embracing the multi layered look that innovative lighting such as LED inbouw spots can bring to your space.

Parties, when they happen, are most likely to occur in the kitchen – or at least they end up there! This is one reason why people are suddenly turning their kitchens into social spaces.

Since no one wants to be squinting under a strip light that is twenty years past its use by date, we think building up the lighting, from different sources and directions is the way to go.

And the old ideas about kitchen lighting only needing to be practical, not stylish, are beginning to fall by the way.

As with the rising popularity of free standing kitchen islands, as a place to assemble the family in the centre of the room, we are now seeing a return to pendant light fittings, hanging over the top of them.

This provides a very focused light on the kitchen island and is also task specific, but it can be decorative too.

We think that chandeliers can work beautifully as a centrepiece in a kitchen, in the middle of the ceiling or even over the dining table – if there is one.

Zoning can be emphasized best by different bits of lighting in different areas of the space.

So your work surfaces may have task lighting, often LEDs which can be individually switched on or off and then the dining space and communal areas may feature the eye candy of pretty pendant lighting overhead.


This look can glimmer, shine, sparkle or do whatever you want it to. We suggest also that it can be dimmed to almost nothing when you need, as well.

Because your social kitchen space, be it a kitchen diner or a kitchen lounge, is being more seen as somewhere to chill out in as well as cook, wash, clean and entertain.

Perhaps you have knocked the wall down between your lounge and kitchen to create a larger, open plan living space.

If this is the case, then you will definitely want to consider the role of relaxation in your kitchen area.

Don’t be scared to bring in cosy looking standing lamps, which may have once been the sole preserve of the sitting room. These may give the ambient glow of homely comfort required, in the evening when relaxing with the cat!

Also, let’s not forget the effect that LED strips along the worktops can give to enhance your kitchen space and make it look pretty – without blinding anyone in the process! Find more details on LED lights Facebook page.

Today, there are many ways to turn your kitchen into a space where you can work, rest and play!