Get Fizzy With The New Organic Bath Bombs

If you were told by a friend recently that you should think about investing in a few bath bombs, you may be wondering how these things work. It is a good question, as many are still not familiar with these products that have been around for a few years. You may have heard about a bubble bath and experienced one, but you should know that a bath bomb can be very different!

Bath Bombs

When you place the bath bomb into a filled tub, you will notice that it starts fizzing almost immediately. That is the beauty of this product. They are fizzy and they are colorful. You are able to get such an incredible experience through one item that you just place into your bath. It is the easiest way to have fun! Fizz and Bubble as the tagline brought by The Soap Guy, one of the leading resources for the bombs.

You may be wondering what they put into bath bombs. It is simple. The first ingredients that you will find in almost every single bath bomb will be baking soda and citric acid. The good news is that such ingredients are completely safe and natural. You do not have to worry about any adverse reaction from your skin or hair because of those items.

And then what else you may find in a bath bomb will depend on the maker. We always recommend that you find bath bombs where you are clearly seeing the list of ingredients. There should be no secrets in this regard. If the maker is not listing everything, you should not trust their product.

Other items that you may find inside a bath bomb will include shea butter, avocado oil, milk, coconut oil, grape seed oil, and various essential oils. These are included for different purposes, such as softening your skin, helping you heal, stress relieving and more.

Vegan Products

If you care about being vegan and natural in your daily life, then you will want to find a bath bomb that is the same. The good news is that you can check out many online sellers where you will be able to find high quality bath bombs that are 100 percent natural, cruelty free and vegan. So you will know that your bath bomb was made in the right way and by using ingredients that you can trust.

Why Buy Bath Bombs?

A lot of people wonder whether bath bombs are worth the fuss. What we would say is that if you have never tried one in the past, you should do so today. We can recommend that you try a regular bath bomb that is completely natural, as it will be a good introduction into these products. And then you can make up your mind about whether you would want to try other ones!

In terms of the reasons why people invest in these products – it is simple. People love bath bombs because they can be so relaxing and therapeutic. And they are so easy to set up. You do not have to buy five different products and add them in a certain way. You can just place the bath bomb into the bath and then wait five to ten minutes. When you come back, you will be amazed at the colors and fizziness that is coming from the tub!

It is one of those things where seeing is believing! We recommend that you find a high quality online retailer where you will be able to get the best and most natural bath bombs for modest prices. It is even possible that an online retailer would be running a sale, where you get a discount if you buy a certain number of items. Then you can get lower prices on bath bombs for the next few months in one transaction!

Give Your Bathroom a Face Lift for 2019

Did you know there was one room in your house, sitting all by itself, alone and neglected and crying out for some attention?

It’s your bathroom. And if it could talk, it would be sobbing out loud for your help!

The thing is, your bathroom suffers from an inferiority complex. It’s jealous of the lounge and the kitchen, they always get your attention. It’s been in the shadow of the rest of the house for too long, and it is time to put it first for once!


It can be easy to overlook the design aspects of the master bathroom –especially if it seems like you never really see the inside of it that much.

But the ‘main’ bathroom of a home (or for many older British houses, the only one) is the thing that guests and visitors to your home see first and you just know they are judging you on your dull décor, flat colours and uninspiring accessories!

However, we also know that it is New Year and that you are skint. You don’t have the cash to splash on a big makeover, but that’s alright, because you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the results you want.


Combine It

If there is only one change you make to your bathroom, then it should be this.

One of the most effective transformations you can make in a bathroom is to add a bathroom vanity unit.

This has the instant effect of creating storage, that the eye doesn’t see, for all those unsightly, but necessary, items that live in your bathroom.

Bathroom vanity units with basins and toilets combined together are great, because they offer a hiding space for those things that you don’t necessarily want the world and its wife to see.

Like, perhaps, you don’t want to advertise your very heavy period or the fact that you shave your legs. And maybe it would be best to have that bottle of industrial strength bleach hidden away from where tiny hands can get at it.

When you combine the loo and bathroom with a bathroom vanity unit, you can put whatever you want in there and it never has to see the light of day again. It’s also as accessible as you want it to be, which means it can be locked down safe if you need.

These units start very reasonably and can be as simple – or as complex – as you want them to be.

Colour It

Nothing rings the changes like a splash of paint and changing the colour of your bathroom is easy to do.

With a transformation at your finger tips for literally the price of a tin of paint, we reckon this is the easiest suggestion on the page, for an instant change of mood in your bathroom.

Which colour you decide to paint is entirely up to you.

Often people seem to think that bathrooms should be white. Whilst this can work well, especially in the summer, there are times when it may feel sterile.

Certainly, a white bathroom can benefit from having small checks of colour applied to it, possibly along the skirting board and other peripheral areas.

Light It

What’s the betting that your bathroom has only light? We reckon probably quite a high one.

And this is a shame, because even the smallest of bathrooms can benefit, quite dramatically, from having a light shined on them. Literally in this case!

So, if your sole lighting is courtesy of a nineteen seventies strip light, or worse still, a single lightbulb, it is time to embrace change.

At the very least, an attractive lightshade is an absolute must for the bathroom. You do have a shade on your light, right?

Don’t worry if you don’t. It can be easily overcome. And you might be surprised to learn that the simplest arrangements benefit from the glamour of a chandelier. Yes, a chandelier!

Little changes like this to your décor can often be the only ones you need to make, to sit back and bask in the wow factor.

Whatever type of lightshade you have in the bathroom, make it count.

And for maximum effect, we would suggest no less than three separate strands of lighting, for the best ambient effects!

Whichever suggestion you pick, livening up your bathroom could be a lot easier than you thought, when you follow our blog!

New Ideas For Kitchen Lightning


How much time do you spend in the kitchen? If you add it all up we bet it’s longer than you think. And that is why lighting for your kitchen matters more than you might have thought it did. After all, this is the room in the house where the family assembles and often, so does the party. So why have you still got an ugly looking fluorescent light in there from 1972?


Maybe it is time to embrace the new and think about something different, like inbouw led spotje which are the modern take on LED spotlights and intended to be used in conjunction with others. Fortunately kitchen specific LEDs do exist. These are the assured inbouw led spots keuken. Designed to be used where there is steam and smoke in a kitchen area.

These are also designed to be built into the recesses as well as the ceiling. The idea is with a few of these focused down in specific areas, such as over the worktops, these inbouwspots LED will give you enough light to see by, doing such onerous jobs as chopping the veg – without flooding the entire room with light.


When they are not needed for their specific tasks, they can be switched off or maybe, in a modern house, dimmed. LED inbouwspots dimbaar are making a popular choice in the kitchen, because they can be dimmed to the exact level that you require. We know that nowadays, your kitchen is also your social hub and that means lighting it as such. You are not going to want the harsh lighting of the past, which means embracing the multi layered look that innovative lighting such as LED inbouw spots can bring to your space.

Parties, when they happen, are most likely to occur in the kitchen – or at least they end up there! This is one reason why people are suddenly turning their kitchens into social spaces.

Since no one wants to be squinting under a strip light that is twenty years past its use by date, we think building up the lighting, from different sources and directions is the way to go.

And the old ideas about kitchen lighting only needing to be practical, not stylish, are beginning to fall by the way.

As with the rising popularity of free standing kitchen islands, as a place to assemble the family in the centre of the room, we are now seeing a return to pendant light fittings, hanging over the top of them.

This provides a very focused light on the kitchen island and is also task specific, but it can be decorative too.

We think that chandeliers can work beautifully as a centrepiece in a kitchen, in the middle of the ceiling or even over the dining table – if there is one.

Zoning can be emphasized best by different bits of lighting in different areas of the space.

So your work surfaces may have task lighting, often LEDs which can be individually switched on or off and then the dining space and communal areas may feature the eye candy of pretty pendant lighting overhead.


This look can glimmer, shine, sparkle or do whatever you want it to. We suggest also that it can be dimmed to almost nothing when you need, as well.

Because your social kitchen space, be it a kitchen diner or a kitchen lounge, is being more seen as somewhere to chill out in as well as cook, wash, clean and entertain.

Perhaps you have knocked the wall down between your lounge and kitchen to create a larger, open plan living space.

If this is the case, then you will definitely want to consider the role of relaxation in your kitchen area.

Don’t be scared to bring in cosy looking standing lamps, which may have once been the sole preserve of the sitting room. These may give the ambient glow of homely comfort required, in the evening when relaxing with the cat!

Also, let’s not forget the effect that LED strips along the worktops can give to enhance your kitchen space and make it look pretty – without blinding anyone in the process! Find more details on LED lights Facebook page.

Today, there are many ways to turn your kitchen into a space where you can work, rest and play!